Welcome to our Innovative Chamber

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The Canada-Russia Chamber of Commerce Association in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is organized as an ethnic Chamber of Commerce to support Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and Corporations in BC and Canada.

We promote our diverse business sector, who support social events in the community. We are constantly developing new programs to serve our members’ needs.

The Chamber’s strategy is to be proactive in developing business initiatives through seminars, trade shows and business assistance. Members use their skills and knowledge to help grow our business community.

Our Young Professionals Program (Millennials) workshops help those who are contemplating starting their own business. Networking pub nights enhance community awareness to build strong economic growth and cultural understanding.

Russia is a promising market for Canadian goods and services to help develop Russia’s economic potential, and provide Canadian entrepreneurs the opportunity to investigate future Russian business initiatives.

We encourage development of trade alliances for business, technology, education  and cultural awareness. Sports exchanges are beneficial to each society by creating cultural appreciation.

Membership in our Canada Russia Chamber of Commerce Association will enhance your ability to open new markets for your goods or services in BC, Canada and in the expanding Russian markets. We are legally incorporated in British Columbia as a not for profit association.

“Belong, Grow, Inspire Others”