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Vancouver’s Fastest Growing Companies – 2013

Listed from PROFIT Business Guide – Vancouver’s 60 fastest growing companies.

Vancouver gets Ship Building Contracts
 $3.3 billion ship building contract means new jobs for 1,000 people at Vancouver Ship Yards to build 10 new ships
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BC Ministry of International Trade
British Columbian trade relations with Russia have expanded significantly over the last decade with merchandise exports to Russia increasing 835% since 2003 (from $11 million in 2003 to $105 million in 2012). This makes Russia British Columbia’s 13th largest export market and British Columbia 5th for Canadian provinces in greatest export value to Russia.

Key British Columbian merchandise exports to Russia are seafood, mining equipment, aircraft, pork, wood-working equipment, and other machinery.

Unfortunately, we do not have a way of getting data on Russian imports to British Columbia. Most of our trade statistics come from Statistics Canada and Industry Canada, and they do not provide a provincial break-down of imports to Canada.

If you are interested in exploring British Columbia’s exports to Russia in more detail, the websites used to source our statistics are publicly accessible. The primary website is Industry Canada Trade Data Online and is reasonably easy to navigate. This site provides export data up to 2012.
The other site used is the Canadian International Merchandise Trade database. This site has more up-to-date information and has data on trade volumes as well as value.

Please note that these sites provide data classified as “Imports” which are broken down by province. This data reflects where goods had their first port of landing while being imported to Canada, not their final destination province.

Information contributed by: Research and Technology Strategy, Policy and Performance Branch, BC.

Honourable Teresa Wat – Minister of International Trade for British Columbia

Teresa Wat was elected to represent the riding of Richmond Center in 2013. She was appointed Minister of International Trade, and Minister Responsible for the Asia Pacific Strategy and Multiculturalism June 10, 2013.

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