Universities in Russia

General Information

Russia has more than 1300 higher educational institutes and is becoming a highly sought after country to study Medicine, Space Research, Mathematics, Arts & Design, Business Management, Science & Technology and other technologies. Russian universities are as good as some of the best universities in Europe and are recognized for excellent standards of university education globally, thus becoming a very attractive option for international students seeking innovative ideas for their degrees.

The information we are displaying on our web site, is simply a guide for you to use in selecting a university, depending on your personal criteria. Please be thorough in your research.

We do not rank these universities, but simply list them for your research. Be aware that some of these universities may not have the recognition necessary, for you to earn a competitive degree for the business world.

On our website is a list of Russian universities offering various Bachelor or Master degree programs, diplomas or certificate programs. This information was compiled from various sources and may have been correct at the time of printing, but changed due to qualified professors in each discipline. Therefore we can’t guarantee the accuracy of this information, which was compiled in 2012.

Foreign students will need a Visa to study in Russia and you will have to contact a Consulate, Embassy or write directly to the education institute for that information. This information was compiled from the following website.

A Bachelor of Science degree takes 4 years and a Master’s Degree is generally 2 to 3 years more. Completion of the Master degree can qualify a student for consideration in a Doctoral Program.

Tuition and Costs
Entry to the top universities in the country are based on student performance and is competitive. For the quality of education that Russian universities provide, tuition fees are comparatively lower. Tuition fees for a degree program can range between $2000 and $8000 a year while other expenses such as room & board, books, etc. cost another $1500 to $5000 each year. This information will change depending on location, accommodation and your spending habits.

More than 880 higher education institutions in the country offer a wide number of programs that include both research and study programs. There are preparatory courses for foreign students and may provide intensive Russian Language training. Refresher courses in your chosen field of study may be provided.

Admission Season in Russia
The academic year in Russia begins the first week of September, lasting for 10 months, ending the last week of June. Application for admission to various study programs can be submitted by May 15 the year in which the student wishes to start their studies. Foreign students may also need to sit for a qualifying examination before being able to commence their chosen program.

Disclaimer:  If you are an active member of Canada-Russia Chamber of Commerce, we will do our best to assist you in your research but you must do your own research. All academic programs are the property of each university listed on our web site. We can translate Russian websites for you, at a nominal cost. We also have a list of other universities registered in Russia and we can send you this information if you are our member. Please contact us for our current Student Membership fees.

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