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  • Any individual, corporation, business or association would be considered for membership.
  • Applicants must be a viable business, corporation in business for at least 1 year.
  • Applications for CRCCA will go to the Membership Committee for approval.
  • Investment Fees must be paid on acceptance.

Our regular rate is $100 per year.

*Corporations are rated on the number of employees or members in their organization.
Contact us for information on our Investment Fee for your organization.

*Please fill in this form and submit it for approval from our Membership Committee.

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Please Contribute: We depend on people willing to contribute their time and support to our Association to ensure CRCC is able to function, at minimal cost to our members. This will make the Association’s services available to our members.

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Volunteer and Have FUN!

Become more involved in your community and have fun at events throughout the year.

Contribute to one of our events, programs, or on a committee to help us grow.

Why Volunteering is Fun:
• Can be used on your resume
• Improve your communication skills
• Make new friends
• Learn new skills

Volunteer Opportunities:
• Connect with interesting people
• Choose which events to participate in
• Attend for Free at events
• Special benefits when you join our Chamber

How do I Volunteer?
• It’s easy! Fill out our Application Registration Form & we'll call you.