Award of Recognition Program

Our Award of Recognition is given to recognize distinguished members in the Russian Canadian Community for their outstanding achievements and contributions in shaping B.C.’s economy and cultural development.
This evening event, hosted by Canada-Russia Chamber of Commerce Membership, is an initiative to provide a greatly needed platform for building commercial partnerships across cultural communities and regional borders.

This program is in two categories and consists of:

  1. The Award of Recognition is given to recognize distinguished members in the Russian Canadian Community for their outstanding achievements and contributions by demonstrating passion for our community.
  2. The Business Excellence Award recognizes outstanding businesses, organizations and individuals that demonstrate excellence in business and build commercial partnerships while contributing to cultural development.

We are now accepting nominations for the 2018 programs. Information you provide to us will be used by the Judges to determine the finalists. Please give us as much information as possible to assist the judges in determining the most appropriate finalists.
Eligibility Rules

  • Candidates must be a legal entity in British Columbia.
  • Enterprises must be active in business for one year or more.
  • A business or individual may only be selected as a finalist in 1 category per year.
  • An enterprise or individual may win the same award no more than once in 3 years.
  • Board members or their businesses may be considered, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  • Self-nominating individuals or businesses must have an endorsement from another Chamber Member, in good standing.
  • Each business, company or individual must consent to being nominated.
  • Three Judges per category will be selected from Chamber membership and shall not be biased toward any business or individual that has been nominated.
  • 2 finalists will be selected per category.
  • Awards may not be issued each year for each of the existing 2 categories and will depend on all applications we receive.
  • A nominee may be considered for a category other than the one they were nominated for.

Award Names & Description

  1. Community Contribution Award (2 Awards)
    –A business or individual that demonstrates an outstanding generous service to our community such as a commitment to making the Canada-Russia Chamber of Commerce an effective community service and the integrity of our society to the general public.
    1a. Not-for-Profit Award (1 to 2 Awards)
    -Any Not for Profit organization that has contributed an outstanding service and established themselves as delivering exceptional programs & services to enhance our community and members.
  2. Business of the Year Award (1 Award)
    -Any business that has demonstrated outstanding business performance, innovation, economic development and community service and support.
    2a. Business Leader of the Year Award (1 Award)
    -An individual whose leadership skills, talent, vision, expertise, dedication and performance have shown them to be an outstanding individual.

*There are 4 award categories, not all categories may be filled each year.

Nomination Form
Please download and fill in the nomination form below and send it to us.

Application for Nomination

Every year, the Canada-Russia Chamber of Commerce celebrates the outstanding businesses, organizations, and individuals that make our Community a great place to live, work, and play. This year’s Award for Recognition will be presented by Canada-Russia Chamber of Commerce. We will contact you with details about this year’s Award of Recognition.

I would like to nominate:

    Business Name:

    Business Representative/Nominee:



    Postal Code:




    Nature of Bisiness:

    In the following Category:
    Community Contribution AwardNot-for-Profit AwardBusiness of the Year AwardBusiness Leader of the Year Award

    In 150 words or less, please tell us why this business or person should be nominated for an award:

    *Please note: All fields must be filled in.
    Incomplete forms will be returned to you for completion.

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